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Your logo is the key to your business’ identity and it’s important that it reflects the values and ethos of your business. When a logo is done well it’s something that people will always remember. I endeavour to create logos that are dynamic, flexible and recognisable so that your business is backed by a solid identity. This design philosophy ensures you get a quality result every time

Your logo is the key to your whole company’s identitybrad van geest


starting from



a great logo must be :

  • 01

    Balanced in it’s weight, use of colour, it’s proportion and of course it’s size.

  • 02

    Scalable to ensure it works in any size from large print ads to small social media posts.

  • 03

    Honest & Unique to ensure the design reflects your company’s goals and values.

  • 04

    Simple to ensure it’s easily recognisable and conveys it’s purpose.

  • 05

    Flexible to work at any size, in any colour, in any medium and in any format.

  • 06

    Work in black and white and not rely on colour to hold the design together.

1 Colour Logo Design Examples

Effective design should always work really well in one colour

Aus Overland Logo
Industrial X one colour logo
Swan Park Basketball Logo
Silverback Chiropractic Logo
Autoart 78 Logo

2 & 3 Colour Logo Design Examples

Logo design is an investment in the future and not just a business expense.
Getting your companies identity right is crucial and can be achieved in many different ways.

Ultimate Tax 2 Colour Logo
ONTRAC Contracting Logo
Naomi Elizabeth Logo

side by side examples

Effective design will ensure your logo works in any advertising medium

Vikings Logo DesignWizards Logo Design
KIngs Logo DesignKIngs Logo Design
Swans Logo DesignSpartans Logo Design
Aces Logo DesignAces Logo Design
Jets Logo DesignJets Logo Design

Client Testimonials

Naomi Elizabeth Logo Design
“I had no idea what logo I wanted, just that it had to contain my name. Brad took a really poor brief and with his patience & understanding, helped me shape it into something that not only reflects my brand, but is a design I love!”Naomi Elizabeth
Ultimate Tax & Advisory Logo Design
“BVG made us a great logo after we had some issues with another company. He now handles all our social media and our other design needs too”Bobby Serval
FTH Logo Design
“I sent him a really bad sketch of what i wanted and he managed to turn lemons into lemonade for me! I love my new logo”Daniel Natalotto
Industrial X Logo Design
“Brad killed my logo brief and made me the perfect logo for my industrial furniture business”Phillippe Vorburger