An Illustration perhaps?

Illustration is my first love and at BVG Design Co. I live to create custom made, unique high quality artwork. If you need some top notch illustration then you’re in the right place!

Brand Mascots or Character Logos are perfect for use on things like stickers, banners and
t-shirts! (as well as everywhere else really!) They’re the perfect way to create that memorable difference for you or your brand in a truely expressive and customisable way.
Your imagination is the only limit to the way you can use your mascot.

If you’re keen to make a splash then I’ve got you covered with over 20 years of illustration experience under my belt. So please hit the button below and we can get started on making your very own character or logo mascot.

Busy Woman's Guide Social Post
Zumba Mascot Lawrie Robinson

Busy Woman's Guide Social Post
Thousand Reasons Mascot
Pillow Power Character Logo
Midlift Crisis Logo Concept
T-Rex Arms Character Logo
Gorilla Fit Character Logo Concept

special commissions & art prints

Since early 2017 I’ve been happy to have partnered with Shaun from to showcase my ever growing collection of art prints. Available at all major conventions or through the online store there are now over 60 images with more being added every week.

I’ve been able to do a little bit of everything. From your favourite Marvel and DC comic book and movie characters to fan favourites from TV series’ like The Walking Dead. Their truly is something there for everyone! Please check them out by clicking the buy now button or one of the art prints below.

Dr. Who art print
Stan Lee V Ironman Art Print
He-Man V Skelator Art Print
Venom V Carnage Art Print
Optimus Prime V Megatron Gen 1 Art Print
Vision V Scarlet Witch Art Print
Darth Maul V Obi Wan Art Print
Wolverine V Phoenix Art Print