About Me

Who am I?

Hi I’m Brad and I own and operate the BVG Design Co. (Brad Van Geest Design Company) a small business based in Perth, Western Australia with nearly 20 years of design experience. After years of freelancing in the design industry I decided to walk away from it all to start BVG design co. taking the plunge in early 2017.

Getting qualified as an illustrator in 2002 at the Chisholm Institute was a fantastic experience as I was lucky enough to study under some amazing artists like children’s book illustrator Connah Brecon and water colourist Mike Green. I moved from Perth to Melbourne especially to do the course, as there was really nothing on offer like that here at the time. I had been doing commercial work in a small capacity since I was in high school so it really solidified that I was more than capable of hanging with the best in the world.  I was awarded Most Outstanding Folio and upon completion of the course I moved back to WA where i continued freelancing.

In 2010 I continued to expand my skillset by completing a Cert. 3 and 4 in Screen and Media at the Central Institute of Technology. This course really helped to open the door to the world of web creation and interactive user interfaces. I was awarded Most Outstanding Student upon completion of Cert. 3 in 2010. 

From 2012 to 2017 I continued to freelance while I pursued a career in the fitness industry until I took the plunge and started working for myself full time and launched the BVG Design Co. in 2017.